Building Kidz


About Building Kidz

An emerging US based preschool and day-care centre by the name Building Kidz that began operations in California during 2003 and has rapidly grown a network of franchisees in US.
They are entering Indian market with AREA Franchise model.
Building Kidz is unique in that its unparalleled proprietary curriculums, references, and highly qualified faculty combine a world class academic setting with a specialization in

Building Kidz creative philosophy is stitched throughout in its curriculum which is customized to meet the specific needs of every child by delicately balancing time between structured elements and play. They offer weekly lessons in music, dance, and theatre embedded in daily routine.

Building Kidz delivers an exceptional readiness for kindergarten program, a private kindergarten and elementary program, and after school programs. Toddlers as young as 24 months gain a basic introduction to letters, phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, and motor skill development. Preschoolers develop reading and writing skills.