The Crepe Cafe

  • Area Req
    Country Rights Available
  • Investment Range
    50,000 - 70,000 USD
  • Expansion
    UAE, UK, Turkey, Jordon, Qatar

About The Crepe Cafe

"The Crêpe Café is a unique and exciting fast casual food “Crêperie” franchise"

Created in Australia in 2001, The Crepe Cafe is now present in seven countries including Australia, the Middle East and now India. The Crêpe Café brand is part of BFC Retail Group. The Crêpe Café is a rising member of the popular fast casual café/restaurant segment and has carved a unique niche market by focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients for made-to-order traditional savoury and sweet crêpes, waffles, pancakes, churros, omelets, paninis and French toasts, macarons. Cooked fat-free and quickly on a hot round griddle in front of customers to create a theatrical effect in a pristine clean environment, the products are served all day as breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a snack in between.

They are consumed in a contemporary café atmosphere, with trendy designs and a cozy ambiance or as take away. The Crêpe Café complements its meals with its own special blend of coffee and serves also a full range of hot and iced drinks as well as fresh juices and ice cream. In larger shops, a limited range of salads and soups are also available. The Crêpe Café appeals to a large range of consumers from young professionals, families and retirees and it attracts both sexes, with a small majority being females in most regions. The concept has been extremely well received by several ethnicities familiar with the product.

This versatile concept is adaptable to a range of situations such as street cafes, corner-shops or kiosks in shopping malls, as well as mobile karts and van to cater for public or private events. Initially The Crêpe Café began as a small shop then evolved to kiosks of around 30 sqm in shopping malls. Since then, it has progressed to full Cafés (between 80 to 250 sqm) in shopping malls or street locations where a great deal of focus is put on comfort, ambiance and overall quality of the customer experience. We strive to make the experience of going to a The Crêpe Café outlet a memorable and pleasing moment that will spark the beginning of a lasting relationship of loyalty and mutual satisfaction.


At The Crêpe Café, we value:

  • Promoting fresh, healthful food
  • Offering a dining experience in a unique setting
  • Inspiring ideas and continuous improvement
  • Upholding highest standards of health, safety and cleanliness
  • Making your experience memorable and enjoyable
  • Providing exciting career options with a globally recognized group


With passion and a commitment to continuous improvement, we cross cultural and geographic boundaries with a global café network that provides quality cuisine in a safe and comfortable environment for families, friends and colleagues to meet.