The Diabetic Shop


About The Diabetic Shop

Diabetic Specialities Pte Ltd, started in 2010 focusing on the need of providing a solution to improve the quality of life for diabetics. We provide a list of curated quality and trusted products from Europe, Australia and US to meet the dietary requirements of diabetics. At the same time, invest in relevant R&D in Singapore to develop potential products & brands to meet the Asian requirements.

The categories we carry includes food, socks and shoes, medical devices and medical related products.


  • Curated list of products for diabetics, pre-diabetics.
  • Huge range of SKUs (in a range of 500-800 SKUs).
  • Products developed for Asian's requirements and ongoing development to have more.
  • We also sell all our products via 3 channels, wholesale, retail and e-commerce so the franchise partners would get to reach the all the different channels.