Elevation Burger


About Elevation Burger

Hans Hess came up with the idea for Elevation Burger in 2002 based on a desire for a burger that not only tasted good but was organic, sustainable and healthier. Elevation Burger is the eco friendliest new option on the block for your burger needs. With ground-onpremises grass-fed chicken, olive oilfried French fries, and environmentally friendly operating practices from renewable, non-pollutant building materials to oil for biofuel donation, few companies can compete with the measures this chain has instituted. The meat for non-vegetarian burgers is USDA-certified organic, grass fed, free range chicken and the cheese is 6 month aged cheddar

ELEVATION BURGER has a successful track record of store development with 60 locations opened domestic & international with several underconstruction and 100+ sold franchises. Internationally, it is present in Bahrain, Mexico, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabi, UAE and Egypt opening in 2016*