About Us

Häagen-Dazs has been making ice cream like no other since 1961. Our founder, Reuben Mattus' vision was to make the best ice cream in the world using high quality, carefully selected ingredients. Reuben believed that if you were going to indulge in ice cream, it should be a real and fulfilling experience rather than just being a 'cold and sweet stuff'. Every Häagen-Dazs ice cream starts with 100% real cream and milk, which we then blend with carefully selected ingredients, to create an ice cream with a unique velvety texture and unforgettable taste. Every mouthful of Häagen-Dazs is an absorbing, intensely pleasurable experience, so good that you can't help but share it with those you love.

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Reasons you should become our partner

ease of operations


Check out basic aspects of our business model

  • World’s most loved ice cream from over 50 years

  • Our products are made with care and highest craftsmanship.

  • High quality ingredients from around the world


Features Facts

  • Goal of transitioning out all GMO ingredients from every flavor.

  • Continuous product innovation and new flavor additions.

  • An extraordinary taste experience


Frequently asked questions


Investment details -

Experience- 1.2 Crore Onwards
Café- 60 Lakh Onwards

Area Required -

Experience- 800-1200 sq. ft
Café- 350- 800 sq. ft

Expansion -

Experience- Metro Cities
Café- Metro Cities

Yes! We believe that successful entrepreneurs are those who know their business well – inside and out. We would like to set up our franchisees for success by guiding them on how to make their new business venture a success. Our franchisees will be trained to equip them with extensive knowledge and skills.