Ice Cream Lab

  • Area Req
    200-800 Sq.ft
  • Investment Range
    INR 1 Cr.
  • Expansion
    Pan India

About Ice Cream Lab

Ice Cream Lab's idea revolves around the molecular gastronomy freezing concept, utilizing liquid to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. We make each cup fresh as the customer desires. Within a few seconds, out state-of-the-art machines instantly freeze the all-natural liquid base in the bowl into ice cream. Customers are stunned as liquid nitrogen flows into the bowl, expands in the air as smoke, and then evaporates right in front of their eyes, leaving only a light grey fog show and fresh ice cream behind.

Ice Cream Lab has started its Global expansion since 2016. We are open in the US, UAE, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, while we are opening soon in Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. We plan to open stores in almost every country around the world, with inquiries pouring in every day. Our target is to cover Asia along with the countries Down-Under within next 1 year and to cover Europe and Asia in the next 3 years.

The true made-to-order ice cream does not need to be stored or prepared in large batch amounts, making each cup that much fresher and more unique. Liquid nitrogen has proven to be an effective method for preparation of fresh ice cream, as the gas dissipates upon entering the atmosphere, leaving only its -320 degree vapor in the mixture bowl.