About- JJ Chicken

JJ Chicken serves charcoal grilled chicken meals that cater for a balanced diet in a quick-service environment. It is the only QSR of authentic charcoal grilled chicken, which has a unique and irreplaceable taste of the charcoal grilling in its sandwiches. The meals are affordable yet healthy, quickly served yet freshly prepared offering good value for money.

JJ Chicken, began its journey in 2010 and is currently operating 10 shops and 1 food truck with 4 more units opening in 2019 and expanding internationally. From healthy ingredients to authentic know-how, we make sure that you can now eat healthy while enjoying delicious charcoal taste. All chicken is freshly marinated on a daily basis and charcoal grilled upon order, equally all sauces is freshly homemade with zero preservatives.

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F&Q JJ Chicken


  • Brand recognition for consistent food quality and scrumptious taste

  • High growth potential since chicken is vastly consumed

  • Follow well-established food safety and hygiene procedures

  • Franchisor will help in sourcing ingredients through JJ Chicken approved network

  • On- going training and marketing support

  • Profitable business model with high ROI