Bulding a better Burger... Is like building a better franchise.

About Us

With record of selling 17 million Hamburgers, 11.3 million soda pops, 8.3 million Shakes and Malts, 8 million pounds of Fries, 2.1 million orders of Onion Rings and 815,000 gallons of ice cream each, Johnny Rockets three decade experience in fast food dining. Chef inspired hand-crafted menu cater classic All-American Diner Experience with modern twist. After winning the palates of food lovers across USA, Ship, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Guyana, Costa Rica, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, North Cyprus, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Tunisia, UAE, Uruguay, the brand is all set to make its debut entry in India. The company as a place is great for its burgers, fries, ice creams, beverages and remarkable services. Not confined to any decade or era, Johnny Rockets combines the best elements from a century of American dining history to create an experience and menu that are relevant today.

2 Cr.

Area Required
750 SQ.FT. Onwards

Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chandigarh

World Wide Growth

  • Voted Best in Class Burgers & Fries
  • Annual sales exceeding $360 million
  • 3000+ employees world wide
  • Chef Inspired hand-crafted menu
  • Global Presence in 32+ countries with 385+ franchises

Why Johnny Rockets?

Americana Cuisine rings truer today than ever, and Johnny Rockets boosting a 30+ legacy owns it. Our best-in-class, craveable classics including our freshly prepared burgers, hand spun indulgent shakes and crispy American fries are only the half attraction. Our escape-from-the-ordinary experience with dancing servers and ketchup art keeps customers coming back for more, more often from all over the world. At Johnny Rockets, our food, music and fun make everyday moments into memories. . We invite all the high net worth investors, family businesses looking to diversify, restaurant owners master franchisees & area developers looking for new concepts & opportunities to be a part of World’s leading fast food restaurant brand from USA