About Kioda

The word KIO DA orginally from Korea. It simply define as cute! In KIO DA we aim to offer earthlings with products from KOREA with colorful theme and adorable content in it. We believe simplicty is perfect! So the perfection is dedicated to all the fans out there. This concept originally inspired by the Korean cute and trendy concept style. In KIODA, we incorporate the idea of Korean fashion themes into every product and offer earthlings with products from Korea with colorful theme and adorable content in it. Ultimately, we aim to provide our shoppers with different kind of experience when step into our concept store. KIODA products are mainly imported from Korea and partially manufactured by the authorized partner in China. 70% of the items will be priced at a very affordable rate storewide! We pledge to provide the fans with quality products at affordable price. Besides founded on the basis of providing good and unique quality products at affordable prices. It is also a one-stop location where our customers can get a wide range of iconic Korean fashion trendy products.

KIODA is looking to expand its presence in India market. We are aggressively looking for people who are willing to take on a master license for one of the fastest growing Korean fashion theme based lifestyle accessories retailer in Malaysia. KIODA is a very unique and different brand from others because of the fusion idea of young and colorful Korean lifestyle fashion.