• Area Req
    150-750 Sq.ft
  • Investment Range
    INR 1.5 Cr. Onwards
  • Expansion
    Pan India

About Moocow

Moo Cow aims to be the biggest name for yogurt (pro-‐biotec) in Malaysia. With the idea of taking over Malaysian's taste buds with the one hypothesis; create the best yogurt in Malaysia. With the ever-­growing popularity for yogurt as the healthier replacement for convenEonal desserts around the globe, yogurt is going to be a staggering phenomenon waiEng to happen. The VersaElity product form and the inherit flux quality of yogurt (pro-­‐biotec) would have an unprecedented opportunties on the newly emerge Asian market. Moo Cow is already proving to be another successful venture of the Too family group. A strong believer in family orientated businesses; the concept of Moo Cow is centered round creating strong emotional connection with its customers. Currently the Too family group also operates the San Terri CoUage Chain & Magenta Dining Chain. As part of our promise to offer the best; yogurt in the marketplace, we never compromise on the high quality of our ingredients. We draw inspiration from our passion to create a new wave of desserts so irresistibly delicious and tantalizing to your taste buds it will leave you craving for more. Our differentiation will be the quality of our product and store branding, we target to be sustainable over the next decade, establish a dominant leadership position in terms of providing an iconic domestic brand synonymous with strong concepts and premium product offering. Since our first store opening, we have been able to create an extremely enthusiastic response for our product, we aim to grow a controlled number of outlets annually to ensure we create a sustainable momentum, and every new outlets is currently build upon the success of its previous outlet. We have an execuEve team experienced in scaling and rolling out well recognized concepts with strong economic returns.