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About Quality Mind Global

Quality Mind Global is a leading mental-wellbeing training & licensing company, providing the most powerful, affordable and universally accessible solution, for anyone wishing to maximize their true potential for improved health, wealth and happiness. They do this by surpassing old-school personal development methodologies, with their world-first signature Personal Activation System™ enabling clients to consistently reach the pinnacle of performance, whether that be in business, in sport or in life.

About FranGlobal

Franglobal is the international business extension of Asia's leading franchising solutions firm - franchise India holdings limited (fihl). Franglobal plays a crucial part in working with various global corporations to enter and expand in India and other topographies favorably and profitably. Franglobal is a devoted strategist, growth enabler, and implementation adviser to its clients.

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FranGlobal is now the exclusive franchise and marketing partner for Quality Mind Global in India