SANISERVICE has been providing residential and commercial clients with the gold standard of disinfection services for almost a decade in UAE. Through the years, Saniservice have tested, honed, refined and revised almost continuously to guarantee a level of professionalism unmatched in the market. Saniservice is a sanitization company fully licensed by the Dubai Municipality. Specialize in disinfecting all areas related to A/C unit, offering a unique disinfection service that significantly reduces toxins and pathogens in the air and on all surfaces. By ensuring that the air delivery systems and surfaces carry the lowest rate of biological contamination (MIR), Saniservice can improve the health and quality of your indoor environments. The combination of a 100% chemical-free disinfectant, high-tech spraying technology and a first-class service can be used in a myriad of environment such as residential homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, health clubs, schools, nurseries or even vehicles. Our service standards ensure the highest levels of disinfection throughout any premises.

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Why Partner with Saniservice?

Saniservice philosophy has always been centered on professionalism and continually striving to exceed the industry’s best business practices. Reasons to partner with Saniservice:

  • Market Leader

  • Standardised Standards

  • Loyal Customers

  • Support System & Trained Staff


The Saniservice Advantage

  • Exclusive use of the Swiss 100% Chemical free hospital grade disinfectant

  • The proprietary ERP

  • Online detailed operation manual

  • Full training support in our institute in Cochin, at Dubai headquarter and at onsite premises

Air duct cleaning service industry in india

Given the young population base & growing per capita income, India makes a necessary next destination for Air duct cleaning services

Current pollution situation in india High concentration of PM2.5 particles across North India indicates a strong potential for air duct cleaning service in Delhi NCR.


India ranks 3rd on deaths form air pollution worldwide & MUST be addressed urgently.

Why Partner with Saniservice?

With reference to how Air purifier market has unfolded in India in last 5-7 years

  • Air purifier market estimated at US$ 30 Mn at the end FY 2018-19

  • This is expected to be US$ 100 Mn by Mar -2024 growing at 29% over next 5-years.

  • Presence of 60 brands highly cluttered market

  • More than 60% are corporate orders foreign embassies, luxury hotels and CXO chambers in large corporates with only some affluent consumers or people with respiratory problems buying it for households


Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Service

  • Creates a Cleaner Living Environment

  • Reduces Allergens and Irritants

  • Helps Everyone Breathe Easier

  • Removes Unpleasant Smells and Odors


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2100 onwards (Office Space: 600 & warehouse space: 1500)

Saniservice is Gold standard in professional Air duct cleaning service in UAE & plans to setup a DIRECT UNIT FRANCHISE in India.