About- Suds

Established in 2003 in Philippines, Suds is a full service, retail professional garment care and cleaning service company which caters to individuals and institutions. It is the first laundry and dry cleaning service to incorporate a computerized Point of Sale system with a customer database making in-store transactions faster and more streamlined.

The company now aims to enter India via franchising. FranGlobal brings to you ‘GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY SHOWCASE – SUDS’, a live webinar for all the aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in this lucrative business opportunity.

Premium Laundry Care | Revolutionary & Responsible | Ecofriendly & Sustainable Practices | For Quality Conscious Consumers.
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F&Q Suds

Laundry business - opportunity in india

  • Young and large domestic population with growing affluence and shrinking available time for household chores

  • Dependency on maids for laundry is increasingly becoming unviable with their fixed timings every day

  • There is increasing demand to perform activities On-Demand like movies / music / education. Similarly, laundry on-demand is going to be a promising business category in India

  • Suds is the only systematic laundry chain in the Philippines with links to the top laundry suppliers and knowledge bases in Europe and the US

  • Knowledge in retail and industrial laundry, dry cleaning and wet cleaning

  • Sustainable operations with 17+ years of experience in textile care

  • Scalable nature with 68 stores in Philippines’ present a strong proof of concept

  • Innovation led business with tech integration & product tie-ups