FranGlobal is the international business extension of Asia's leading franchising solutions firm - Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL). FranGlobal plays a crucial part in working with various global corporations to enter and expand in India and other topographies, favorably and profitably. FranGlobal is a devoted strategist, growth enabler, and implementation adviser to its clients.

Our professional team has 20+ years of franchising sector expertise and over a million hours of business consulting experience in expert anchoring for multinational corporate requirements, enabling entry into challenging markets like India while warning them about the hazards connected with it.

FranGlobal is perfectly positioned to help the international brands enter and expand in Indian Sub- Continent & abroad. Being the international business arm of Asia's largest franchising solutions company, Franchise Holdings India Limited, FranGlobal has successfully partnered with brands.

Our Service Offerings & Verticals we serve:

The pioneer and leader in establishing master franchises in India, FranGlobal's tailor-made services and solutions assist businesses and international brands, across industries and geographies, in making a successful entry into the Indian market. We provide companies with programs on market understanding, operation expansion, growth for the de novo business set-ups and help them compete more competently.

  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Partner Identification/ Onboarding
  • Validation Visit
  • Global Development Program
  • Swift & Efficient Market Entry

Our Goals

We define our Goals per our key success factors. Our goal is to help thousands of investors in selecting the right opportunity and in turn assist various organizations in international & domestic franchise expansions & business development. Our accomplishments include:

  • Full integrated franchise advisory group with franchise-led economies.
  • Best-in-class network of more than 1500 franchise advisors in India with an evolving Global
  • Network of business / franchise advisors
  • Multiple growth drivers in place
  • Stable, recurring fee-based revenue model with strong margins and cash flow
  • Asset-light franchise business
  • Committed & experienced leadership team

Our Top Global Brands

From across the world, FranGlobal represents top businesses and brands that are looking for global representation and business expansion across territories. FranGlobal assists international brands to enter Indian market as well as facilitates Indian brands to explore opportunities and expand abroad.

Upcoming Events

At FranGlobal, we organize as well as participate in several events across the month, be it a physical event where we meet investors and business owners or live webinars where we present differenr brands and introduce them to the Indian audience. Keep an eye on this space for exclusive opportunities!

Delhi Franchise India 2024
18th & 19th May 2024

YASHOBHOOMI, India International Convention and Expo Centre, Delhi, India

Nepal Franchise Show 2024
27th April 2024
Master Franchise Meet - Delhi
14th April 2024
Master Franchising
18th April 2024
Master Franchise Meet - Hyderabad
20th April 2024
Galito's Discovery Day
March & April, 2024
International Franchise Show London
12th & 13th April 2024

Our Dream Team

Our FranGlobal team comprises of the most able leaders from different walks of life, with one committed goal for business expansion and aiding brands in their India Market entry.

team image
Gaurav Marya

Chairman & Founder - Franchise India Group

team image
Venus Barak

Chief Executive Officer - FranGlobal

team image
Anirudh Malik

Business Head - North America

team image
Swaraj Sadhukhan

Sr Vice President, FranGlobal Leisure


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We are thrilled to announce our recent success – achieving One Year of Successful and impactful International Market Entries!

Thank you for being part of our journey and celebrating this milestone with us! Your support is invaluable. We're committed to sustaining momentum, exploring new horizons, and delivering excellence.

Our hard work is testimonial to the great work that we do!

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